Hi! I'm Dr. Steph. Welcome to

The Queens Realignment. 

A premier coaching membership for high-achieving black women.

Hi! I'm Dr. Steph. Welcome to

The Queens Realignment. 

A premier coaching membership for high-achieving black women.


Queens Realign is for high-achieving black women committed to strengthening their leadership skills and developing empowering habits in community with other supportive women.

Your crown is irreplaceable.

Did you know that there is more for you than against you? Did you know that we ALL need help readjusting and realigning sometimes?

And contrary to popular belief, there are other Queens who will help you adjust and get back on track.

The truth is that sometimes, our crowns get heavy. They get a little dusty. They may even get a little cracked. That’s why you have to connect with others who will see you, reposition you, refuel you, and help you represent yourself completely.


  • you feel a deep sense something is wrong, but you can't quite explain it.

  • you know you're destined for more but struggle with repositioning yourself for greater.
  • you know that your compensation doesn't align with your experience and worth.

  • you're tired of sitting at another table when you have the capacity to build your own.
  • you're always carrying and caring for the world but you never seem to get a break.

  • you are very much present, however, you feel invisible and forgotten.

Queen, you're NOT alone.

Many times, women are forced to put the weight of the world and the problems of humanity on their shoulders. Unfortunately, we also have our own issues that go unaddressed. Yes, we’ve mastered the art of pretending. But something HAS to break! NOW!


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I'm just preaching to the choir!

Believe me when I say, I was THAT woman (past tense - WAS, no longer is). And it was not easy.

I [ had ] the ultimate "checkbox" life.


I never felt the way I thought I would feel. Misalignment had become my portion and I did NOT enjoy it! However, through many years of coaching and personal development, being intentional about getting back to ME, I have realigned. Now, I’m fully in sync with my peace, my purpose, and my power. Ultimately, my crown has been adjusted!

Yes, I spent the money and the time - I wanted to make sure I was obtaining the real deal. And now that I have, I want to share it with the world.

I’ve discovered a successful system with essential elements that work for us - for Professional Black Women - that enables us to realign. I call it my Realignment System. And what it does is bring us back to our true, authentic selves.

Our Peace Really Does Matter.

When my clients realign with their peace, purpose, and power, they realize that:

  • How they do one thing is how they do everything!
  • Worthiness starts within and their voice is their power!
  • They can’t give others what they don’t possess themselves.
  • Letting go allows them to SOAR higher!
  • They are the fulfillment of their ancestors greatest dreams; now it’s time to fulfill their own.
  • If their story no longer serves them, it’s time to flip the script.



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This membership is for us, the Sistas. MY Sistas. It’s curated specifically with our needs in mind. If you have been through my 12-week coaching program this is the perfect way to keep the momentum going and not backslide on your goals. So what's in it for you?

♦   A vetted group of women that you can trust and feel safe to share and grow with.

♦   Twenty-Four (24) plus hours of coaching, accountability, networking, and support.

♦   Monthly office hours - 4th Wednesday of the month ($960 value).

♦   Two (2) group coaching sessions per month ($1920 value).

♦   Recorded sessions to watch or re-watch at your leisure.

♦   Discounts on 1:1 coaching sessions ($320 value).

♦   20% discounts on courses, offers, products.

♦   15% discounts on retreats.

($300 value)

♦   Access to exclusive Black Successful Women community with supportive content and networking outside the coaching group.

♦   Exclusive content (webinars, downloads, podcast episodes - $50 value).

♦   Exclusive branded resources.

♦   ELI Online Assessment - Energy Leadership Index ($247 value).

♦   Free 90-minute 1-on-1 debrief.

♦   Content library with 12 modules curated for Professional Black Women ($788 value).

This program has a value of over $3,260 annually.


Become a member today for only $299 per month

BONUS: Special Guest Presenters ($75 value)
Referral Program (1-month free for each person you refer and stays in membership for a minimum of 3 months).


Don’t just take my word for it! This is what people have said about my group coaching programs. 88%  have emphatically stated that they would recommend it to a friend.

Here are a few keywords used to describe the experience:

*Supportive     *Transformative     *Sisterly     *Effective     *Good value for Money


Yes, coaching can seem like a big investment. Most 12-week coaching packages range from $2,000 to $5,000 when working with an experienced coach. But, for all the reasons above, I firmly believe that coaching is no longer a luxury for professional Black women. It’s a necessity.

Our community offers a safe, trusting place for like-minded people to lift each other up, solve their problems, and reach their goals.

Monthly Topics:

  • Setting Bold Boundaries
  • Values as a Compass
  • Mindset Makeover
  • Awakening Your Purpose
  • From Negative Narratives to Powerful Stories
  • Being Intentional
  • Big Audacious Goals
  • Removing Barriers to Success (Energy Blocks)
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Health and Wellness
  • Time management/Balance
  • Relationship to Self and Others


Because you deserve to have your crown readjusted, you deserve to be a part of the QRC. Let nothing and no one delay your realignment any further - not even yourself!



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