SOARING through self-care

If your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being aren’t penciled in on your weekly calendar, you’ve missed one of the biggest lessons of the past few years—

Your personal well-being must be your #1 priority


Your self-care needs to be radical!

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The global shutdown provided an unprecedented opportunity for you to SOAR through self-care.


Sis, if you are still struggling to master this lesson, I’m here to show you how

As a practicing MD and Certified Life Coach, I have had an unprecedented front-row seat to the toll the past few years have taken on you as a Professional Black Woman.

You have stood with two feet firmly planted at the center of a vibrational earthquake that will reverberate for centuries and been asked to navigate the unimaginable with grace: 

  • A Global Pandemic
  • Vast political divide and contentious elections
  • Impending war
  • George Floyd
  • Breanna Taylor
  • Ahmad Aubrey 
  • Racial Uprising 
  • Adjusting to the “new normal” over and over again
  • Spraying, wiping, and masking daily
  • January 6th, 2021
  • Homeschooling your children and working to ensure they stay on track 
  • Showing up professionally “online” daily even when you don’t feel like it
  •  Educating your colleagues about their “microaggressions” they seem so oblivious to 
  • Being home—inside—24/7 with everyone
  • Frantically working to keep an invisible virus outside your home so you can protect your loved one
  • Losing loved ones
  • Picking up pandemic weight 
  • Losing our regular self-care routines like massages, salsa classes, group exercise, girls’ trips
  • Postponing milestone celebrations—or holding them on zoom
  • Not being able to spend time with the ones you love  
  • And giving every ounce of energy you have left to ensure you can “hold it all together,” without having a complete breakdown 


But there are also the wins! That new promotion, that new business venture, that new board seat or political position. Not to mention, “the great resignation” For many, the opportunities we have fought so hard for are finally here and it's exciting but it’s also overwhelming. How can you say NO to the opportunity of a lifetime? But, how can you do it all and still stay sane?


Damn girl. 

I’ll bet you’re exhausted. You know in your bones this pace is unsustainable. 

That’s why your self-care is not an option, it’s a necessity and not just garden variety self-care but radical self-care. Sis, you deserve a self-care routine that can neutralize the stress and the overwhelm so you can actually enjoy this historic moment in your life and bounce back from any set-backs. 

About me

As an MD who writes prescriptions daily to equip my patients with the necessary tools for healing, I know that just like medications are not one size fits all, neither is self-care. I take a thorough history to understand my patient’s needs and I want to understand your self-care needs so I can give you a personalized self-care plan that works for you. I see the result daily of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual neglect of Black women and I am determined to do something about it.   

Black women have been taught to place themselves last. Tending to the needs of others is built in your DNA. As a result, the health disparities that black women experience are catastrophic. 

This is why I developed the SOAR self-care assessment with you in mind. This assessment helps you discover your unique self-care needs. As a core energy trained coach, I know that there are 4 core energy blocks that hold us back from reaching our goals and it’s no different with self-care. I have taken these 4 core energy blocks, adapted them for self-care and developed a way to measure your unique self-care strengths and needs. As professional women, we have limited time and energy so cutting to the chase and focusing on exactly what YOU need is the smart approach.

Prioritize your own well-being by enrolling in the Soaring through self-care course.


  • This course is for you if you want a deeper understanding of the gap between where you are now and what you define as radical self-care. 
  • This course is for you if you struggle with saying no or you talk to your loved ones more lovingly than you speak to yourself. 
  • This course is for you if you have put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own and you are ready to make a change. 
  • This course is also for you if you’re pretty good with self-care but you have just taken on some pretty big opportunities and you need to level up your self-care to match your new responsibilities. 

We are strategic about other things in our life, it’s time to be strategic about our self-care.


Course Overview


Soaring Through Self-Care is made up of a personalized assessment and personal development course for professional women who want to develop radical self-care practices that help them soar. 

The Soaring through self-care course is designed to provide an experience tailored to your unique needs. It will provide the structure, tools, accountability and coaching to support professional women who are ready to “say yes” and prioritize themselves. 

The course is taught by Dr. Stephanie Brown, founder of Stephanie Brown Coaching, LLC. This course meets you where you are in the comfort of your own home. You can go at your own pace without worrying about showing up on yet another Zoom. The course is structured to provide “breathing room,” “visioning space,” and “execution time.” But most importantly, it is designed to cater to your unique needs and goals. 

The course has been intentionally structured to put you on a path to radical self-care in 30 days.

Course rationale: 

Why: We all know that self-care is important so why don’t we all do it? Well, I believe that reason is different for different people because we’re all different. Self-care is often treated as a one size fits all, and as an experienced life coach I can tell you that can’t be farther from the truth. The truth is, despite a plethora of books and resources, self-care is still one of the number one challenges that professional women struggle with, especially professional Black women. 

I have found that when we are not doing something that we know is good for us it’s usually because something is blocking us. That block is often something internal to us. 

Who: Well that’s why I’ve created the SOAR self-care needs assessment so YOU can find out what your unique energy block is. I designed the self-care needs assessment based on my core energy training. It utilizes the 4 core energy blocks as a way to get to the heart of what is holding us back from committing to our self-care consistently.

HOW: It takes 21 days to create a new habit. That’s why the next 4 weeks will be spent developing the habits that will get you to radical self-care based on what you NEED.

We will do this by instituting a new habit, action or mindset each week that builds up your self-care. You will get a new email each week that builds on the personal development and coaching from the previous week. At the end of the 4 weeks you will develop your self-care plan. I will give you feedback on your plan and you will finish the course with a roadmap and plan for your individual journey of radical self-care.

You are not alone. I’m here to guide you, coach you and keep you motivated because you deserve this time. If you have questions along the way, you can contact me through email. This is where your personalized journey begins, but it will last a lifetime.

When: With any coaching program or course, you have to do the work to get the results. That means you have to set aside time each week to read the email, follow the coaching prompts and do the assignments. This course is self-paced but it’s best if you complete it in 30 days because you will build on your momentum. Expect to spend 1-3 hours a week. Make sure you have a journal and pen to complete your assignments.

What: Your self-care development journey will be personalized based on the results you get from the SOAR assessment. After you take the assessment in Lesson 3, you will receive an email with your report and digital toolkit that includes an explanation of your primary and secondary self-care needs and how they may be showing up for you. You will then be assigned to a specific personal development track of Self-love, Overcome, Adaptable or Realign based on your results. Over the next 4 weeks you will get a weekly email with coaching tailored to your results.


Next steps

  1. Say yes to radical self-care and enroll in the Soaring through self-care course. 

  2. You will set up your log in for the Kajabi site and the course will be in your library

  3. Sign in and watch  Lesson 1: Introductory video- “Why personalized self-care is best”

  4. Watch Lesson 2: “Uncover your self-care secret”

  5. Take the SOAR self-care assessment

  6. Receive your personalized report with your primary and secondary self-care needs

  7. Receive a digitalized toolkit tailored to your primary and secondary self-care needs

  8. Start the personalized coaching journey through weekly emails that include tailored coaching and weekly challenges

  9. Develop your personalized self-care plan

  10. Upload your self-care plan for feedback

  11. Complete the course with a new self-care plan and established habits for radical self-care

  12. Set up a 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with Dr. Stephanie to further develop self-care plan

I want in

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Here is what Dr. Stephanie’s clients think about her. 88%  have emphatically stated that they would recommend her services to a friend.

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*Good value for Money

“Sister Circle has been a truly inspirational and motivating experience! It has allowed me to form a community with remarkable women who have encouraged me to transform into a better version of myself. Thanks for listening and providing tips for success.”

-Sheranda Smith


 “I secured a clinical position out of town within 6 weeks of starting coaching with Dr Brown. When I talk with Dr. Brown about whatever challenge I’m faced with, she presents a clearer eye to a solution; a much fresher perspective than I would have alone. I like that I can laugh a bit while we talk. Be receptive to coaching.  All coaches are not the same. They bring different experiences, training, knowledge, perspectives, etc., to each and every session. I soaked up each and every bit of knowledge that Dr. Brown brought to the table during our sessions. I can’t think of anything that would improve the sessions. I would recommend Dr. Brown to anyone receptive to coaching. She was/is a great resource during this occupational journey that I’m traveling.”

-Celestine Stiles, MD


“The Sister Circle was the perfect way to kick off the year. I have more clarity about my goals and how to achieve them and I feel more prepared to make all of my dreams come true!”

-Janel Paulk

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